Habana: it all crashes into one another

i think I’m starting to understand it
more or less
yet it all still crashes together
nothing obvious to separate
nothing apparent to connect
puerile frustration & uncomplicated inspiration
deep black & bronzed white skin
sunlit & close-lined adorned balconies loom above cobbled side-streets that rarely see the sun
towering edificios dotting the skylines of crumbling neighborhoods
the sweet reek of cigars mixed with that familiar warm fat wet ocean perfume
a man in a fetching hibiscus shirt cruises me followed by a purple-haired swedish mujer
a metallic glint from a 57 Chevy stabs the eye &
one can’t help but notice the “classic” is sporting brazen and bold bald tires
can’t help but notice how everybody is alone together
it’s me & we
clashing & crashing, gnashing & wishing
& when midnight empties the bars of borrachos, muchacos, & vagabonds
habana & the night
idles into an perverted American idyll
butterfly lips and black boys begin to brawl & wail & fuck & lie
it all crashes into one another like one long tantalizing run-on sentence
a musician playing a canción from the middle & working towards both ends at once


i came here thinking the experience would be
yum yum bang bang
early on
in miami’s midnight terminals
dreams of oak harbor & obligation stole my sleep
a solitary prince in a midwest kingdom made of gold & scorched cardboard
he put a blackened flower in my mouth & whispered
in this eternal present
it’s finally right to name your desires &
when you accept the richness of your vocabulary
life will turn
from the portrait of an exit-wound
to a study of a man who no longer counts his regrets
or his hopes


i think I’m starting to understand it
more or less
yet it all still crashes together


we travel to lose ourselves
if only so we may know ourselves once more
& the ultimate frontier of knowledge is a stranger’s home
cuba was an anachronistic twist of fate & magic y luck
i leave knowing not only myself better
but assured the same bulletproof optimism that spurs the people here
fuels the very grace of our human condition

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